Gum care during pregnancy: essential for our oral health

Although not often talked about, gingivitis gravidarum is a more common problem than it seems. This disease occurs when the gums gradually become more vulnerable to plaque formation during pregnancy, which is why it is also known as pregnancy gingivitis.

Healthy women before pregnancy may develop gingivitis gravidarum during pregnancy, although if gingivitis appears before pregnancy, women will be more prone to develop these pathologies.

At the same time, the latest advances relate this pathology to the possibility of premature delivery.

What symptoms does gingivitis gravidarum cause?

The symptoms of gingivitis gravidarum are easy to detect, since there are three main symptoms:

  • Increased gum thickness.
  • Redness of the gum
  • Bleeding

As a general rule, the symptoms of gingivitis gravidarum disappear about three months after delivery without causing major damage. However, the dentist will be the one to tell us that the inflammation has completely disappeared.

Preventing gravid gingivitis

Some tips to avoid periodontal disease are as follows:

  • Before pregnancy: check the gums to avoid any kind of problem and prevent inflammation.
  • During pregnancy: visit your dentist regularly and maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • After delivery: check the condition of the gums with regular visits to the dentist and maintain proper oral hygiene.
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