Find out more about dental crowns or caps

The prosthesis on implants are the so-called crowns or caps that are made of ceramic material on support pieces screwed to the implant integrated to the bone. This procedure treats from the absence of a tooth in an adolescent to the total loss of teeth in an adult. The work requires the existence of supporting bone; nowadays there are procedures that, although they lengthen the treatment, recover the lost bone.

Possibility of rejection and delicate prostheses

As with all health procedures, there are possibilities of rejection, nothing is forever, but it is possible to intervene in these cases and achieve a better quality of life with regular maintenance. Another aspect to take into account are the treatments and revisions by a specialist. The prostheses can last longer as long as the appropriate treatments are performed on each one. These are really delicate, since a single rejection would imply reworking the whole treatment from scratch.

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