Techniques to correct tooth position

There are several techniques to correct misaligned teeth. From the classic brackets that we are all familiar with to today’s removable and invisible braces. And advances in orthodontics continue with digital dentistry that allows precise digital molds to be taken of the patient’s mouth.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the art and science of making a person who has misaligned and misaligned teeth, align them with functional and aesthetic objectives. For that we use top quality diagnostic devices that allow us to know what is the perfect bite of each person and thus we can reproduce it in their own teeth.

What techniques can we find to properly position the teeth?

Orthodontics uses different types of braces to position teeth properly. Nowadays, there are devices that can be removed and put on invisibly, as well as the traditional brackets, which are still the best devices for correcting the position of the teeth with precision. We also have to think that orthodontics cannot do everything by itself and today we also use surgery to help us correct problems that orthodontics is unable to solve by itself and also prosthodontics. Prosthodontics is the science, or the part of dentistry, that allows us to modify the shape of teeth and reconstruct them in an ideal way.

What innovations and advances can we find in orthodontics?

This is an exciting time in the world of orthodontics and dentistry, we are moving from analog to digital orthodontics and dentistry. Today we are already able to take digital molds of the patient’s mouth eliminating pastes and having a much higher precision. It allows us to digitally manage patient diagnosis and patient planning.