Lifestyle Medicine: How to lead a healthier life

Lifestyle medicine consists of the study and implementation of 6 fundamental pillars to maintain good health for as long as possible. Combating those aspects that detract from health and well-being and incorporating more effective habits to counteract the passage of time. How we manage these 6 pillars determines how we act as time goes by.

A healthier routine allows us to age with less wear and tear than if we follow habits that are harmful to the body. In this way, we will age better and without so many problems. With a healthier lifestyle it is possible to prevent some diseases typical of aging or of our genetic predisposition.

The six pillars of lifestyle medicine are:

  • Diet: the consumption of healthy foods reduces the risk of inflammation in our body.
  • Stress management: high levels of stress increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, heart attacks, depression and overweight.
  • Physical activity: helps reduce anxiety and the formation of neoplasms.
  • Interpersonal relationships: this is one of the most important pillars because human beings are social by nature. The way we manage and carry out our relationships affects our emotional dimension.
  • Sleep: not getting enough rest can cause cardiovascular diseases or stress. Quality sleep increases creativity and improves memory.
  • Alcohol and tobacco: avoiding the consumption of these two substances is beneficial to our health. Smoking and alcoholism favor the appearance of hepatitis, hypertension, cancer or infertility.