How to have a healthy mouth?

1. Assess the state of your oral cleanliness

To begin with, if you are not sure if you are brushing your teeth correctly, you can ask your dentist to use a plaque detector. With this detector we will be able to identify the areas where there is more plaque deposited on the teeth and if brushing is deficient.

2. Choose a good toothbrush

It is important to use a toothbrush with medium hardness bristles and change it every three months. It is recommended to avoid using toothpicks.

3. Don’t abuse mouthwashes

Mouthwashes provide a feeling of fresh breath, but their daily use is not recommended. Some contain a lot of alcohol and dry out the mouth.

4. Don’t overdo it with toothpaste

Overdoing it can be harmful to your mouth. The foam that is generated will make it difficult to see where the brush is brushed, making hygiene less complete.

5. Protect your gums mouth

A good brushing should clean both teeth and gums. To do this, the ideal is to press the brush between the gum and the tooth keeping it slightly inclined and make circular movements.

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6. Do not forget the tongue

Brushing it is also important. With the usual toothbrush (better without toothpaste) you should make a gentle sweep across the tongue and cheeks every time you clean your teeth.

7. The irrigator: the shower in your mouth

As a complementary method to brushing, you can use an irrigator, a tooth cleaner with pressurized water, which uses a pulsating jet of pressurized water against the teeth.

8. If you eat sugar, act fast

When drinking sugar, the most important thing is to clean the teeth within half an hour, which is the time it takes for the sugar to deposit itself on the enamel and facilitate the proliferation of bacteria and cavities.

9. With braces, more caution

When wearing braces, hygiene must be more exhaustive, because food remains between them. It is necessary to insist on cleaning tooth by tooth.

10. Do you feel your mouth is dry?

Saliva is a natural defense against caries, as it dilutes and eliminates sugars and keeps the pH of the mouth constant. If there is no underlying pathology, you can use artificial saliva sprays.