Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery consists of several techniques of maxillofacial surgery, remodeling of the facial skeleton and soft tissue management. The aim is to refine the facial features by disguising the stigmas of facial masculinity. This group of techniques must be used in a balanced way and with artistic criteria to achieve an improvement of each face.

A personalized treatment is necessary for each case

It is necessary a personalized treatment for each face, agreed with the patient and offering different alternatives. Always under a prism of honesty and realism, without offering false expectations or inoperative techniques. The ultimate goal is the implementation of the aesthetics of the face making it feminine and as natural as possible.

The surgical techniques will be divided according to the parts of the face.

Upper third:

Reshaping of the forehead and orbital frame, may be accompanied by a frontal lift and hairline improvement.

Middle third:

Feminizing rhinoplasty, elevating the tip and refining it. Also, an upper lip augmentation through intraoral scars that allow greater exposure of the upper vermilion. And, sometimes, we need malar prostheses to give more enhancement to the face.

Lower third:

Maxillary and mandibular osteotomy management may be necessary to seek greater facial proportion. The sharpening of the mandibular angles in very square faces greatly feminizes the features. One of the most important and complex parts of facial feminization surgery is the management of the chin. There are a multitude of osteotomies and actions on the chin but the indication of the personalized technique will help us to achieve a natural result, avoiding external prostheses. Finally, shaving the Adam’s apple will help minimize male stigma.

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In conclusion, this surgery requires a technical, artistic and functional component, where the professional knows how to manipulate the facial skeleton and soft tissues. The aim is naturalness, avoiding as much as possible external scars and refining the features in pursuit of feminization. Our patients are evaluated, studied and informed, always from honesty and personalized treatment. Each face requires different techniques and it is not enough to do the same for all of them.