Shine this Christmas: most demanded aesthetic treatments

The Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPRE) points out that in Spain, taking advantage of the Christmas vacation period, cosmetic surgery operations increase between 15 and 20%. Dr. Mery Lamah explains that the social engagements surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations are an opportunity to show off a rejuvenated image and a wrinkle-free face.

Why do aesthetic treatments increase at Christmas?

Aesthetic treatments, especially non-invasive ones, increase at this time of the year, in the patient’s quest to look good, to have an image with which to feel more comfortable and identified. In addition, the availability of free days at this time of the year makes patients decide to undergo some medical-aesthetic intervention that they have been postponing during the year.

What are the most requested treatments?

Among the most demanded treatments during the holidays, botulinum toxin stands out because it is a quick treatment that does not require a recovery period, so it does not affect daily life or the return to work. Its results are noticeable from 3 or 4 days later and it is possible to recover freshness in the eyes, lift the tail of the eyebrow and eliminate the so feared wrinkles between the eyebrows and crow’s feet.

Facial mesotherapy is also a very demanded treatment for these dates, since it gives a flash effect, luminosity and brightness to the skin. It is a non-invasive treatment that can be performed as a shock treatment as well as a maintenance treatment and in combination with other facial treatments.

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The different types of peelings are other of the most requested treatments at this time of the year, since they renew the skin, attenuate fine wrinkles and unify the tone. It is during this time of the year, autumn-winter, when this treatment is recommended as it requires avoiding sun exposure.

Lip contouring has been gaining prominence thanks to the existence of products that manage to define the lip, moisturize and give a subtle volume with a natural and youthful appearance.

What is the profile of the patient who undergoes this type of treatment?

The profile of patients who undergo these treatments are usually people between 30/55 years of age, concerned about their image and looking to delay the passage of time with non-invasive treatments and natural results. They are patients who, in general, have already undergone some aesthetic treatment previously, and therefore, given the results they wish to maintain them over time.

The vast majority of patients are women, although more and more men are undergoing aesthetic treatments because they are aware of the importance of facial and body care and the importance of image.