Smile Design

Personal image is becoming more and more important, a beautiful smile increases our self-esteem and favors personal relationships.

The design of the smile is to assess according to facial anatomy, skin color, sex, age … the necessary treatments to achieve a spectacular and beautiful smile.

Often to achieve a satisfactory final result, it is necessary to combine several treatments depending on the initial and final state we want to obtain, it may or may not be necessary orthodontic treatments, veneers, whitening, gum treatments, implants….

In order to undergo treatment, it is advisable to go to a good dental professional who can give advice, assess the benefits and disadvantages of the treatments and, above all, has sufficient means to carry out the treatments in a healthy way and avoid future problems as far as possible, since sometimes there will be treatments that require revisions and/or maintenance that the patient should be aware of.

Nowadays, the design of the smile is done digitally, which allows the patient to see the final result of the treatment before performing it, being able to intervene in this case, together with the dentist, in the changes he/she wishes to make, without creating false expectations.

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