Dental implants, an effective solution for your smile

Dental implants are bioprostheses that are placed in the patient’s maxilla or mandible to replace missing teeth. They are small screws that act as an artificial root for teeth and serve as a base for crowns or bridges.

Implants have a number of advantages over other conventional treatments. To begin with, they preserve facial structure, help maintain a youthful appearance (avoiding the collapse of lips and cheeks) and allow you to eat as if they were natural teeth and smile without fear of denture movement.

In addition, dental implants do not damage adjacent teeth and, most importantly, they restore your self-esteem.

How are they placed?

The surgical technique for dental implants varies according to the patient and the case, but as a general rule they can be placed by means of splints or guides planned prior to oral surgery and the implant and crown can also be placed immediately on it. Immediate loading allows us to place the teeth the same day we place implants.

What should we take into account?

It is an ideal solution for patients who are completely edentulous or have esthetic requirements. Of course, the placement of dental implants requires a small surgery, so we must be very careful in the postoperative period.

It is advisable to make a pre- and post-treatment antibiotic profilaxis. In the clinic we also perform a post-treatment with cryotherapy that reduces edema and subsequent inflammation.