A daily problem: life is costing me

A daily problem. Life is hard for me, I have no enthusiasm for anything, I don’t know what I want, if I get angry I react with a lot of irritability?

These painful feelings may be justified by problematic situations that you may be facing, it may be a more or less significant loss. Perhaps it is an untimely reaction to past discomforts, forgotten or not, that arose spontaneously, for no apparent reason.

Any psychic discomfort implies a painful feeling that can be resolved, but if your emotional reaction is very disproportionate, it is likely that you will have trouble visualizing it. Your negativism or pessimism clouds your ability to generate a favorable attitude and think analytically to see the origin of your suffering and act on it.

Our discouragement or moodiness can have consequences in our relationship with the people around us. If this malaise has appeared and has been going on for an undesirable period of time, we should rule out the possibility that we are suffering from depression. Sometimes it is difficult to think that this is possible because we do not identify reasons that justify it.

Depression can also appear without apparent reasons. It is in the course of therapy that, by working with words, we will discover what, probably because it remains at an unconscious level, was difficult to identify?

In this way, with an active participation, we will be working out how to eliminate our discomfort. If you feel bad, do not wait, consult a clinical psychologist.