Respiratory problems

What are breathing problems? Breathing problems occur when the body is unable to get the oxygen it needs. They occur as a result of a stuffy nose or from physical exercise. However, in some cases they are symptoms of a serious illness. Some types can be: Lung problems, such as asthma, emphysema or pneumonia. Problems … Read more

Low size

What is short stature? Short stature is defined as a child who is noticeably shorter than other children of the same age. It is important to see your pediatrician if you notice a difference in your child’s height, as this may be the result of a problem with growth and development or nutrient absorption. Symptoms … Read more

Pain Management

What is pain management? Pain management is an interdisciplinary branch of medicine that aims to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic pain by reducing their suffering. It aims to relieve pain over the long term and can be practiced by a single physician or by a dedicated pain management team composed of … Read more

Precocious puberty

What is precocious puberty? Precocious puberty occurs when a child’s body begins to change to that of an adult before the age of eight years for girls, or nine years for boys. It is not always entirely clear what causes precocious puberty, but sometimes the diagnosis can reveal an underlying cause, such as a genetic … Read more

Urinary tract infection in children

What is urinary tract infection in children? Urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria in the urine due to infection of the urethra, kidney, bladder or prostate. This infection usually occurs at about three years of age and is more common in girls. Uncircumcised boys have a somewhat higher risk of infection before the age … Read more


Index What are vaccines? What are they used for? How are they administered? Preparing for vaccines Aftercare What are vaccines? As such, vaccines are a series of biological products composed of a set of inactivated or attenuated microorganisms that are administered in order to prevent infectious diseases in those who are susceptible. There are different … Read more

Denervation with botulinum toxin

What is botulinum toxin denervation? Botulinum toxin denervation is commonly known as Botox treatment. Botulinum toxin treatment is used to give the face a more rejuvenated appearance. As time goes by, wrinkles appear and become a real concern for many people. The brand name for botulinum toxin is Botox. A biological medicine to be injected … Read more