September’s must-haves in esthetics and wellness

September marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. We still have a good post-vacation face, but after a few days of work or other obligations, we wonder what happened to our rest. Internal well-being is reflected in our external appearance, which is why Dr. Molina Lacasa, a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and member of Top Doctors, offers some simple steps to feel good inside and out.

The four basic steps in aesthetics and wellness

The Esthetic BCN team proposes the following possibilities to feel good during this month back to school:

  1. First step, skin cleansing, a good facial hygiene and a body peeling that will allow the removal of dead cells and keep longer the luminous appearance.
  2. Moisturizing, each skin type should be moisturized with the appropriate product.
  3. Beauty of hands and feet, to show off beautiful feet and manicured nails in this time of the year when sandals are still used is very important.
  4. A good massage always relaxes and comforts from the stress of the first days.

Fulfilling these steps, you will face October better, which will be the ideal month to consider a dietary adjustment, deep facial hydration through mesotherapy or start photoepilation sessions and blemish removal.

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