Intense pulsed light IPL

One of the best news for our dry eye patients has been the possibility of treatment of this very common disease with IPL pulsed light.

What is pulsed light?

Pulsed light is an effective and safe method to improve the quality of life of patients with evaporative and mixed dry eye. Classical treatments for this disease provided most of the time very disappointing results.

Should any tests be performed before using pulsed light?

Before using pulsed light to treat dry eye, some specific diagnostic tests should always be performed:

  • Meibography.
  • Non-invasive BUT.
  • Osmolarity test.

How are the results after use?

The use of pulsed light has dramatic effects on the symptoms and signs of dry eye. Patients report improvement of the symptomatology after the first session.

When the 4 sessions are completed in consultation, with an estimated duration of 15 minutes per session, approximately, in all cases it is achieved relief and improvement:

  • The discomfort of dryness.
  • The sensation of grit.
  • Itching.
  • Itching.
  • The need to use artificial tear drops.
  • Vision.

If you are thinking of seeing a specialist to treat your dry eye, at Clinica Oftalmologica Iradier we practice the IPL technique for evaporative and mixed dry eye with excellent results. Request your visit so we can advise you and help you solve your problem.