High Definition Laser Liposuction for enhanced body contouring

High definition laser liposuction is a procedure that combines fat removal and skin tightening. It is performed with optical fibers that send a red light of the laser frequency through very fine round-tipped cannulas to remove fat tissue in a less aggressive way. The tightening of the skin is achieved by stimulating the immediate production of collagen and elastin, using a laser light frequency at the end of the fat removal.

How is it performed?

It is performed by introducing a small cannula with an optical fiber into the adipose tissue and is performed with a maneuver of movement with the laser for a period of 5 minutes per area to be treated or until the fat is dissolved. This procedure is performed in a hospital surgical area and under anesthesia with qualified surgeons.

In which cases is it indicated and does it have contraindications?

The cases in which it is indicated are under the surgeon’s criteria, but the patients indicated for the laser are those patients with localized fat that cannot be eliminated with diets or sports, patients with skin flaccidity and localized fat, patients who do not want surgeries with scars as long as they can be avoided, gynecomastia, double chin, facial contouring, etc.

It is contraindicated in patients with risk pathologies, photosensitive patients, patients with delayed immunological hypersensitivity, obesity (relative contraindication).

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What advantages does this technique have over other techniques?

The advantages over other techniques are very important in relation to the loss of large amounts of fat with little blood loss. The tightening of the skin is visible from the first moment, the immediate change from normal body sculpture to a body with defined and athletic shapes, rapid recovery, better body contouring. It is less aggressive than other techniques and “more selective”.

How are the results with this technique?

Laser lipolysis works in two ways, dissolving the fat and retracting the skin. The results are almost immediate from the end of the surgery, but the effect on the skin occurs 6 to 8 weeks after the treatment, so the more or less definitive result is visualized after 6 months. It must be said that it is very important to work on lymphatic drainage after surgery, on which the result will depend a lot.

What advice should the patient follow after surgery?

The best and safest technique is liposuction in combination with laser, since the risks of thrombi or hemorrhages are lower. With the help of compressive garments and postoperative therapies we will obtain happy patients and tissue improvement due to the effect on connective proteins.

As we have said before, it is very important the lymphatic drainage helped by carboxitherapy, radiofrequency and softlaser among others.