Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture is a common and disabling injury in sports involving sudden changes of direction and jumping such as soccer, skiing, basketball and handball.

The CEMTRO Clinic is one of the most experienced hospitals in the world in ACL surgery, performing more than a thousand reconstructions a year. One out of every 16 ACL reconstructions performed in Spain is done in our Hospital. In addition, a correlation has been demonstrated between the number of surgeries and the best results, fewer complications and fewer plastic surgery failures.

The fact that we have become a reference center is undoubtedly due to Dr. Pedro Guillén, a pioneer in arthroscopic reconstruction of the ACL in the early 80s. Since then, its treatment has evolved thanks to improved knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, advances in arthroscopic techniques and accelerated rehabilitation.

ACL reconstruction

ACL reconstruction basically consists of replacing the torn ligament with tissue from the patient or from a donor, which we call a plasty. The type of plasty is chosen specifically for each patient based on age, sport, previous surgeries and anatomical characteristics such as weight and morphotype of the limb.

This “tailor-made” surgery allows the patient to return to his or her sporting activity and reduces the risk of secondary meniscal or cartilaginous lesions.

The surgery is performed under epidural anesthesia, patients are one day in the hospital and begin to move the knee the day after the intervention. At one month they can lead a sedentary life without crutches, they are riding bicycles at 2 months, jogging at 3 months and practicing risky sports at 6 months.