How can I obtain a silk skin?

Currently, there are many treatments that benefit facial rejuvenation. In this sense, Dr. Martín Núñez’s practice at Clínica Manzanares applies the latest innovations such as the BB Skin procedure in order to maintain a smooth and defined skin. In the following article, Dr. Martín Núñez explains what this technique consists of and how to eliminate wrinkles.

Silk Skin or BB Skin is a non-surgical rejuvenation treatment and the one that offers the most spectacular results. In this sense, we can rejuvenate up to 20 years in just 8 days with permanent results in both women and men.

How does the BB Skin treatment work?

Through a deep peeling with phenol or carbolic acid, a chemical compound used to perform peelings. “Peel” is an English word that means to peel, in medicine we use it to define a process that tries to eliminate in a controlled way one or more layers of skin, stimulating the creation of a new skin with less wrinkles and spots, providing a more uniform or rosy coloration, in short, a baby skin.

Although phenol has existed for a long time, it is only in recent years that its new formulations have made it an element with high safety guarantees. Due to its high effectiveness, this peeling should be considered a real chemical surgery, without scalpel.

Why is phenol peeling so effective?

Currently, there is no chemical agent for the use of peelings that can surpass or equal its effectiveness in the treatment of deep wrinkles. This technique is not intended, of course, to replace a facial rejuvenation surgery, although the person obtains spectacular results and even greater than a facelift performed by an expert surgeon. Those patients with deep wrinkles, solar aging of the skin, sun or age spots and precancerous lesions, who do not want to expose themselves to conventional surgery, are good candidates for this treatment. Very effective results have also been proven for the elimination of scars and acne.

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How is the peeling performed?

Like any other treatment of this type, it must be applied by a qualified physician to ensure the best results for the patient. Rejuvenate 20 years without surgery and recover the firmness of the skin is the dream of any human being.

This procedure does not require hospitalization and is performed under intravenous sedation. It is not usually painful, usually after 8 days, the patient can apply make-up and return to her daily life. Of course, our recommendation is not to expose the patient to direct sunlight for 6 months and to use full sun protection to ensure optimal results.