Lose weight fast with protein diet

With the arrival of summer, many people decide to start dieting again. The protein diet allows a rapid weight loss without losing muscle or skin tone with the exclusion of carbohydrates and lipids, keeping proteins. It is based on three phases: the first one is based on the intake of protein preparations, the second one re-educates the diet and introduces some foods and the third one is essential to keep the lost weight.

What is the protein diet?

The protein diet is a method of weight loss and control based on the practical exclusion of carbohydrates and lipids from the body, while maintaining protein intake. In this way the nitrogen balance is kept in equilibrium, thus forcing the body to consume its own reserves, first of carbohydrates and then of lipids, with the consequent weight loss aimed at the accumulation of fatty tissues.

It consists of three stages which include the association of protein fasting with a behavioral dietary modification therapy to ensure a more significant and longer-term weight loss.

It consists of a diet based on purified protein preparations of high biological value, together with a gradual intake of vegetables, fruits and starches after the active phase, with the support of micronutrients (minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements) to avoid deficiencies associated with the diet. Protein preparations are usually presented in different formats and flavors to meet the tastes and needs of each patient and at each time of the day.

Phases of the protein diet

In the first phase or total active phase, the total weight to be lost is set as a target and 80% of the weight is programmed to be lost in this phase. It is characterized by a rigorous fasting of all foods other than protein preparations.

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In this phase, due to the phenomenon called ketosis, the body, in the absence of carbohydrates from which to obtain energy, causes the formation of partially metabolized fat molecules called ketone bodies. These ketone bodies reduce the person’s sensation of hunger and, in addition, enhance a feeling of well-being and vitality.

The second phase or dietary re-education phase. In this phase, weight loss is continued by learning to eat better and introducing foods into the diet such as fruit, bread and starches. The progressive introduction of foods and the substitution of part of the protein preparations is structured.

The third phase or stabilization phase is the most important phase in order not to regain the lost weight. The intake of products rich in high quality proteins is prescribed on an ad hoc basis, under medical supervision.

Advantages and benefits of the protein diet

The advantages of the protein diet compared to other diets are:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Fat is eliminated and not muscle
  • There is no feeling of hunger
  • No feeling of sadness, weakness or lack of vitality.
  • Protection of skin tone by preserving muscle mass.
  • It is a safe diet, since it must be done under medical control.

Metabolic benefits of the protein diet:

  • Corrects the function of the pancreas
  • Reduces blood glucose levels
  • Reduces insulin resistance problems
  • Drastic reduction of total cholesterol
  • Lowers blood pressure in obese hypertensive patients by 8% to 13%.
  • Reduces sleep apnea
  • Improves respiratory and osteoarticular pathologies and lipodystrophy.

Who can follow a protein diet

Experts in Aesthetic Medicine recommend the protein diet in the following cases:

  • Obesity and overweight
  • Rapid pre- or post-operative weight loss.
  • After failure of hypocaloric diets.
  • For pathologies associated with obesity