How do we treat facial flushing

Facial flushing is an uncontrolled dilation of blood vessels in the face and neck.

It is pathologically produced by an alteration in a ganglion of the sympathetic chain (which is responsible for carrying information to the body related to stress and imminent dangers). In fact, this ganglion is responsible for the frequent episodes of blushing that can not be controlled and, producing in the sufferer, behaviors of social phobia.


There is no test for diagnosis. The sufferer notices a burning heat in the above-mentioned areas, as well as a reddening of the same. It is the patient himself who realizes that it is happening to him and his isolation thinking that this only happens to him.


Treatments with medications such as psychotropic drugs are of low efficacy and psychological therapies are not effective. Therefore, in the most extreme cases, with a great psychological affectation, such as avoidance behaviors or social phobia, are the candidates to be evaluated for surgery.

Facial flushing surgery consists in the suppression of the sympathetic ganglion, responsible for its appearance. The procedure is performed by video-thoracoscopy, which makes it minimally invasive and requires one night of hospitalization. The result is immediate.

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