How to slim your legs with a calf reduction

Calf reduction or calf reduction is a series of medical-surgical techniques aimed at improving the shape and volume of the calves by acting on their musculature (calf muscles), so that the volume of the calves can be adjusted, thus slimming the leg. The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia and, after the treatment, there is no motor deficit to be able to follow a completely active and normal life. Dr. Garcia Paricio is the only plastic surgeon who performs this type of treatment in Spain with 5 years of experience in these techniques.

Why is it performed?

This series of techniques have been created to offer a surgical solution to those patients (mainly women who request this treatment), who are unhappy with the bulky and not very stylized shape of their calves, due to their muscular disproportion. Often these types of techniques that act on the musculature are combined with conventional techniques adapted to the calf, such as liposuction.

What does calf reduction consist of?

Three techniques are normally used for calf reduction:

  • Reduction of the musculature by infiltration of botulinum toxin type A (Botox).
  • Muscle reduction by identification and section of the motor nerves of the gastrocnemius (calf) muscles.
  • Reduction of the musculature by direct modification of the gastrocnemia musculature (calves).

There is no motor deficit of any kind after the treatment so that a completely active and normal life can be continued.

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Preparation for twin reduction treatment

A specific preoperative testing protocol designed by the specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Garcia Paricio, as well as specialists in Neurology is performed to ensure that the patient is a candidate for this type of treatment.

What care should the patient follow after the twin reduction operation?

The patient will have to stay one night in the hospital and, afterwards, successive check-ups will be carried out in Dr. García Paricio’s office at Centro Médico Teknon to modify the bandages and explain the maneuvers (massages, stretching, etc.) to be followed in the postoperative period. Many patients come from other parts of Spain and abroad, so a follow-up protocol appropriate to their needs is available in the office.