The practice of sports in the 3rd age

What does physical activity or sport counseling in the elderly consist of? Is there any kind of previous test?

In the promotion of health for the elderly, physical activity is a fundamental pillar to improve their physical, psychological and social quality of life. In our medical practice we often recommend an action plan to carry it out. This plan or protocol requires knowing your physical condition through anamnesis, physical examination, blood tests, imaging tests of the musculoskeletal system and cardiological review.

At this moment, in the Dr. Santiago Faus Clinic we are able to provide advice with full guarantees or establish with the patient a physical activity program. All this is based both on the patient’s own desire and on medical advice to activate their abilities.

What advice would you give to this type of patient who wishes to practice sports?

First of all, it is essential to know the patient’s wishes and physical condition by means of the review protocol. From this moment on, we are in a position to establish the appropriate recommendations.

It often happens that from a certain age, the practice of a physical activity or sport can be considered complicated and complex. This is not the case if we think that the most immediate activity such as walking is the one that can provide us with more sustained benefits in the long term.

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Beyond walking (sport walking, traveling, hiking, trekking, hiking or hiking) there are other modalities for sport or physical activity in this period of life such as Swedish gymnastics, pilates, gentle yoga, multiple dances, among other practices. In the aquatic environment, either at the beach or swimming pool, you can practice aquagym or swimming. In the case of sports practiced in the snow, we have snowshoes, Nordic or alpine skiing and, finally, the touring bike for mountain or road crossings.

A primordial aspect to be carried out is to socialize the activity and share it. This aspect includes a playful basis in the fitness improvement project.

What type of elderly people is this counseling plan aimed at?

The action plan for the practice of sport is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their physical condition, who wants to socialize and share their physical activities and who wants to improve their self-esteem and reduce their level of dependence.

How can injuries be prevented in people over 65 years of age?

It is very important to establish what type of physical activity to practice depending on the type of patient. In this way we will study the physical and psychological state of the person through clinical examination. We will detect the basic injuries and we will advise on how to carry out the physical or sports activity in order not to aggravate, correct or minimize them.