How are dermatologic diseases diagnosed?

At Clínica Dermatológica Internacional we have 16 doctors and we basically work in four main blocks. Firstly, clinical dermatology where we see skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis, systemic diseases that affect the skin. Secondly, surgical dermatology, we do all skin surgery. That is what we do at the Ruber Clinic and above all we do skin cancer surgery and surgery with microscopic control, Mohs surgery. Thirdly, there is aesthetic dermatology, where we help our patients to age with elegance and discretion. And finally, there is pediatric dermatology.

Our pediatric dermatology unit has dermatologists specialized in the management of pediatric diseases, a waiting room exclusively for children with DVDs, toys, blackboards, etcetera. We can give same-day appointments and we also perform the surgeries and admissions of children at the Clínica Ruber de Juan Bravo.

The success of the international dermatology clinic is based on combining brilliant dermatologists with exquisite patient care and honesty in the management of these patients.

Our children deserve the best. That is why the spirit of our clinic is based on putting the patient first.

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