Dermatoclinic, dermatological center of reference in Madrid

Do you know Dermatoclinic?

It is a leading dermatological clinic located in Madrid, with different centers, expert in dermatological medicine treatments and diagnosis. They also have highly qualified medical professionals and cutting-edge technology specialized in skin care.

Dermatoclinic’s objective is to offer practical and real solutions to their patients, with any dermatological pathology. They provide the best quality and a personalized and close treatment, always with total professionalism.

What are Dermatoclinic’s specialties?

  • Medical-surgical dermatology: the Dermatoclinic team diagnoses, assesses and applies the treatments indicated in each situation, always looking after the patient’s health and informing them in a personalized way.
  • Cosmetic dermatology: changing one’s image can be fundamental for many people. The center helps them to achieve their goals thanks to its treatments and dermocosmetic line, which may include botox, facial fillers, chemical peelings, etc.
  • Laser unit: increasingly in demand, it consists of removing unwanted hair on our body. For this treatment, it is also essential to be in the hands of highly qualified professionals.

In short, Dermatoclinic offers treatments of the highest quality and safety, implemented by outstanding professionals in constant training adapted to new methodologies and technologies. For more information about their services, do not hesitate to contact Dermatoclinic.

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