Implant dentistry, a solution for tooth loss

Dr. José María Hernández Guisado, maxillofacial surgeon at Top Doctors, will talk to us about Implantology.

What does implantology consist of and what kind of implants do you do?

Implantology is a technique that we can already say is mature over the years, more than contrasted and that basically consists of the replacement of all those teeth that have been lost, either by natural causes or by any type of pathology, such as trauma, tumor pathology or any other type of cause that has led to the loss of teeth. We perform both implantology that we can call conventional, those simple or straightforward cases, as well as those cases in which there is a great loss of bone and need the contribution of this type of tissue to place the implants. These are the cases that we can call advanced implantology or complex implantology.

Are there any patients who cannot receive this treatment?

At present we can say that practically 100% of patients are candidates for implant treatment, whether they are simple cases in which no complementary technique is required or complicated cases in which, by means of surgical techniques in addition to the insertion of the implant, we perform bone tissue gain. Obviously, in order to place an implant, bone is needed and as the bone has been lost with the natural passage of time or due to trauma suffered by the patient, we can put bone where there is none so that the patient is a candidate to place an implant, to place a denture on implants. Or to place the implants in anatomical areas that allow avoiding these bone grafting surgeries, as is the case of zygomatic implants.