Mentoplasty is a surgical technique in which an osteotomy is performed on the chin, mobilizing it to change its position, fixing the new position with a titanium mini-plate. It can be performed alone or in conjunction with more complex orthognathic surgery procedures in which the mandible and/or maxilla are also mobilized.

In which cases is it used?

Fundamentally in cases in which the chin is recessed, with little projection, giving patients a double chin or double chin appearance. It is also widely used in cases where the chin is asymmetrical, deviated to one side. It is also possible to use it in cases of vertical excess, in which the chin is very long.

How is the operation planned and performed?

First of all the patient is examined by assessing the situation of the chin in front and profile. In the case we see, the patient has a retruded, short jaw, with little projection of the chin.

We performed a scan of the patient and using a virtual planning software program we appreciated in all dimensions the patient’s jaws. In conjunction with the patient’s examination and other scans, we virtually plan a jaw advancement and also an advancement mentoplasty.

In cases where the jaws are also moved, orthodontic treatment is necessary beforehand. If we only perform the mentoplasty, no previous treatment is necessary. In the operating room, under general anesthesia, we perform the osteotomies in the chin, we mobilize it according to the plan and we fix it in the new position with a titanium mini-plate. The whole procedure is performed inside the mouth, without external scars.

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The results are very harmonious and natural, since no prosthesis is used. In the images (photo 1 and 2) we can see how all the facial problems have been corrected, achieving a well projected chin and facial balance.