IVF and Ovodonation: Spain among the most important countries

Spain continues to be an important country in receiving patients seeking one of the following two treatments: In Vitro Fertilization or Ovodonation.

The European IVF-Monitoring analyzes and records data annually for Europe and since assisted reproduction techniques began to be applied on the continent, a total of 1,478,452 children have been born. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of newborns born through these techniques so much so that from 1997 to 2014, the latest data we have, it has grown by almost 14%.

In other words, in 2014 in Europe one out of every 50 children was born through one of the assisted reproduction techniques.

Latest data: 2014

The most recent data were published in 2018 in reference to the year 2014. During the same period, 776,556 assisted reproduction techniques were performed, 146,148 of which were in vitro fertilization (IVF) and 56,516 were oocyte donation.

Among the European countries that performed the most treatments, Spain is in first position with a total of 109,275, followed by Russia with 94,985, France with 90,434 and Germany with 81,177.

The European average for IVF pregnancies is 35%, while the average for oocyte donation is 50%. These rates were higher compared to the previous year, 2013.

In our country, these percentages are much higher than the European average: in IVF it reached 36% and in ovodonation it was 55%. The data from the URH GarcĂ­a del Real Clinic are even better. In 2014 they achieved a pregnancy rate through IVF of 47%, 39% in cryotransfers and 64% in ovodonation.

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Why is Spain one of the European countries with the highest number of assisted reproduction treatments?

The reasons are varied, but mainly respond to a legal and economic issue. As far as legislative regulation is concerned, in Spain treatment is authorized for women who want to become single mothers or homosexual couples.

And as far as economic aspects are concerned, our country also stands out. In addition, treatments such as ovodonation are performed more frequently in Spain because they can be performed by anonymous donors without the need for identification as required in other countries.

Finally, the success rate should be noted. Spain’s pregnancy rate results are well above the European average, which makes it one of the preferred destinations for those seeking pregnancy.

From the URH GarcĂ­a del Real Clinic we make a first visit and diagnostic tests to know each case and offer the best possible treatment, in an agile way, with the minimum possible displacements and with excellent results.