Rejuvenate and beautify your face with Fraxel Laser

Fraxel Laser, also called Fractional Laser, is the newest laser technology in skin rejuvenation. It is a revolutionary procedure within the dermatological subspecialty of Dermocosmetic Surgery.

Previously, scars, acne and skin rejuvenation treatments could only be treated with ablative lasers. These are effective, although they require a longer skin recovery period.

With Fractional Laser technology, it has been possible to reduce the recovery time. For this, very small beams of light are emitted, which penetrate the skin creating microscopic wounds that promote optimal and prompt healing.

What imperfections can be eliminated with Fraxel Laser?

  • Aging: remove wrinkles

It allows a younger looking skin, as it improves skin flaccidity, correcting small wrinkles. It also improves hyperpigmentation, melasma and typical age spots.

  • Scars: removing scars

Fraxel is considered the best antidote against acne and scars, due to its skin renewal and production of new collagen.

  • Stretch marks: remove stretch marks

This laser achieves good results in stretch marks resistant to other medical treatments.

How many sessions should be performed?

Between 3-5 sessions are necessary to obtain the best results. However, from the first session you can see the results. However, to treat skins that have been very exposed to the sun or that are very affected by scars, a greater number of sessions will be necessary. Finally, the frequency of the sessions is one month.

Are there any side effects?

The effects are hardly noticeable, since the skin is only slightly swollen for a day, and for about four days it remains with a rosy tone. After these days, it acquires a tanned tone, which requires abundant sun protection.