Maintaining attractiveness beyond 50

Naturalness and effectiveness: these are the premises of the aesthetic medicine center when treating all women and men who trust us. Both to regain their attractiveness and to help them to remain beautiful for many years to come.

Naturalness because we understand that a treatment that leaves that artificial aspect in the expression is a failed treatment. At the center we work to make patients look attractive at any age, and that is possible, but without changing the appearance by wanting to look younger at all costs. Keeping the features smooth and relaxed is one of the biggest challenges of any aesthetic medicine treatment and we and our patients are very satisfied with the results we offer.

Effectiveness because more than 25 years of experience and continuous training provide the security of knowing that when a treatment is performed its success is guaranteed. Today, technology and the advances that have been achieved in the different ranges of products that we use accompany us. With each passing day, the results are safer, more effective, faster and more visible. One of our patients expressed one day, in a very natural way, the success of our treatments with the following words: “Your features don’t change, they feel happy again”. That fantastic way of describing it touched our hearts, because that is precisely what we strive for and what we work hard for every day. And the truth is that we achieve it, not only on the face, but also on the neck and hands, the most exposed areas of our body and those that suffer the most from the passage of time.

Treating the deepest wrinkles to smooth the expression of the face

The injection of hyaluronic acid allows us to smooth the deepest wrinkles and rejuvenate the face in a very effective way while helping us to recover the volumes that the face loses over the years to regain the structure of a younger face.

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Mesotherapy with vitamins to nourish and recover

With this technique we inject antioxidant vitamins into the skin to recover it directly from the inside. We can do a single session or for a more intense effect do three sessions, one every three weeks. Then we recommend a maintenance every three months, in this way we will not only prolong its effect but we will progressively improve the appearance of our skin even more.

Peelings to treat blemishes and refine skin imperfections.

For each skin we apply the peeling treatment you need to treat blemishes, smooth pores and fine wrinkles. They are not aggressive peelings, they are progressive and personalized because not all of us have the same skin type.

Rejuvenation of the hands

By injecting hyaluronic acid we get that the veins are not so noticeable and hands rejuvenate in one or two sessions. To this treatment we also add a laser treatment of stains and a moisturizing mesotherapy to improve the skin, whenever the particular case of each patient demands it.

Treatment to improve the appearance and tone of the neck

The injection of hyaluronic acid in one or two sessions helps the skin to tighten and improve the appearance of the neck, so that the vertical cords that appear over the years are concealed. The neck is restored to a better version.