What is mentoplasty?

Chin surgery, more commonly known as mentoplasty, is a type of surgical intervention that consists of increasing, decreasing or reshaping the vertical or horizontal size of the chin. The objective is to achieve harmony between all facial features and depends on the aesthetics desired by the patient. The main aesthetic change that is appreciated is when the person is observed in profile.

Mentoplasty is an intervention whose main objective is to recover or improve the projection of the patient’s chin. This surgery is a good alternative to other more complex surgeries when the problem is only aesthetic, such as orthognathic surgery for mandibular advancement. Chin surgery is a quick and simple procedure with a relatively short postoperative period. Local anesthesia and sedation are used on an outpatient basis.

When should a mentoplasty be performed?

Mentoplasty is indicated for patients who have a chin that protrudes disproportionately forward in the vertical plane or vice versa, that is, when the patient’s chin lacks projection and the face profile is sunken backwards. The excess or defect can also be in the height. Another possibility is sleep apnea problems.

What happens if the chin deformity is very accentuated?

When the chin deformity is very accentuated, the maxillofacial surgeon must resort to other types of surgical procedures, such as monomaxillary orthognathic surgery to achieve chin balance.