Jaw Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is an area of oral and maxillofacial surgery that aims to restore facial harmony and masticatory function. By means of perfectly planned three-dimensional movements of the facial bones, we restore the patient’s ideal facial proportions, improving his self-esteem and his relationship with his environment.

Orthognathic surgery as a solution

Patients who come to my practice in Mallorca do so because they notice that there is something wrong with their face: either they have a dental occlusion problem and do not bite well or they notice that their jaw, nose, cheekbones, chin, have a disproportionate aspect with respect to the rest of their face, or are deviated generating a facial asymmetry.

Smiles that are too narrow or too gingival can also be corrected by orthognathic surgery, as well as all those dental position problems that cannot be corrected by orthodontics.

Orthognathic surgery treatment

To achieve the best results for each individual patient, I rely on an exhaustive clinical and photographic study, which allows me to perform a pre-surgical planning, as well as to apply the revolutionary technology of virtual facial planning in 3 dimensions. From the data obtained by the CT scan of the face and through the use of sophisticated virtual surgical planning software, it is possible to transfer to the operating room with absolute precision and safety the facial change proposed and agreed with each of my patients.

Results of orthognathic surgery

To obtain all the benefits of orthognathic surgery my patients have to be highly motivated. Changing the facial shape can be a lengthy process, involving major surgery and requiring a period of recovery. Surgical expertise, the correct use of technology and emphasis on inflammation control are my bases for an excellent and fast recovery after surgery. In most cases it is necessary to associate the treatment with orthodontics to ensure long-term stability of the changes and correct dental relationship.

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Many of my patients come from orthodontic clinics, where it is explained to them that they will not be able to bite well without surgery. Orthognathic surgery will not only correct the dental problem, but will also achieve excellent results for the proportions and symmetry of the face.

Orthognathic surgery is the best tool for improving facial and dental aesthetics, and surgical expertise combined with the use of the latest technological advances make it the most accurate and safest for patients.