Cataract surgery with the best intraocular lenses

Cataract surgery is performed when the patient notices some limitation to his or her life that is manifest, related to a limitation of vision. The impact of this visual limitation can be highly variable, depending on the patient’s activity and lifestyle. However, in general, modern ophthalmologists never wait for the patient to see poorly before operating, since this would only serve to delay a procedure that, when properly performed, produces significant and very positive results for the patient’s quality of life.

Surgery with intraocular lenses

The procedure consists of the removal of the opaque crystalline lens or cataract and the implantation of an intraocular lens, the choice of which depends on the Ophthalmologist Surgeon, since it must be adapted to the needs of the patient, his lifestyle and the characteristics of his eye.
In general, the patient should not need to wear glasses for distance vision and, as far as possible, for near vision or at intermediate distances.

What types of intraocular lenses are recommended in each case?

The best options are multifocal lenses and the so-called extension of focus (EDOF) lenses. Monofocal lenses, although also used, have fewer optical advantages.
Multifocal lenses make it possible for patients to not only see better at a distance, but give positive results for all focal distances.

The results of surgery

After surgery, vision is usually very good, unless there are other pathologies that limit the patient. In general, the person recovers stable and comfortable vision on the second day and is able to perform all normal tasks on the third day, including computer and reading activities.

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Intraocular lenses are constructed according to different optical technologies. The choice of which one is best for the patient should be made by an experienced and properly trained ophthalmic surgeon, who will decide the best type of lens for each patient to achieve the most optimal result.