Differences between traditional implants and immediate implants

There are a number of differences between traditional implants and immediate load implants.

The classic implant protocol involves the placement of the implant. In this case it is necessary to wait between two and three months for the osseointegration phenomenon to occur, which consists of the direct and solid union between the bone and the implant. Once this time has elapsed, the implant is osseointegrated and can be screwed in order to put a tooth or bridge into chewing function.

On the other hand, the immediate loading protocol consists of skipping this waiting time for osseointegration to occur in a controlled manner. In this case, the tooth or teeth can be screwed in on the same day of surgery.

This procedure can even be done through an exodontia of the teeth on the same day of the implant placement and the placement of the screw-retained temporary prosthesis.

Advantages of immediate load implants over traditional implants

The main advantages that immediate load implants have over traditional implants are:

  • Functionality
  • Esthetics due to the immediacy of implant placement.
  • Reduction of appointments to the clinic, since a second implant connection surgery is avoided.

In any case, the immediate loading implants are a great advance, since the patient can leave the office with the fixed prosthesis the same day of the intervention, thus avoiding the classic removable temporaries.

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Provided that the treatment is performed by a specialist in dental implantology with experience in immediate load implants, the success rates can always be comparable to traditional techniques.

The duration of this type of implants

The surgery in immediate load implants is the same as in classic implants, but after the placement of the implant, the implants are scanned intraorally. This procedure can take about 30 minutes more.

What material are the immediate load implants made of?

The implant used in the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic is the titanium implant of the Straumann brand, world leader in dental implantology.

The material of the provisional teeth is acrylic, but after two or three months these prostheses are replaced by porcelain prostheses.

Risks of immediate load implants

The risks involved in the placement of immediate load implants are minimal and are not different from the small risks that can have an implant surgery with the traditional protocol. Thus, it is a very safe and predictable technique.