Leg Lift

What is a leg lift?

A leg lift, also called a crural lift, is a surgical treatment used to remove excess skin and/or fat from the legs, with the goal of improving the appearance and contour of the inner legs and thighs.

Why is it performed?

It is performed mainly for aesthetic purposes, as well as for the person to gain self-esteem. Some of the most frequent reasons are:

  • Weight changes.
  • Elimination of excess skin due to weight loss after liposuction for obesity.
  • Natural aging process.
  • Hormonal influences.

The leg lift is indicated especially for those patients who have overcome obesity and need to tighten the excess skin or stretch marks.

What does it consist of?

The surgery is performed through an incision in the groin crease through which excess fat and skin is removed from the inside of the leg and thigh. Also, depending on the amount of excess fat and skin you have, the size of the incision will be larger or smaller. However, once the wound heals, the mark will be almost imperceptible.

Preparation for the leg lift

At the medical center, the doctor will explain to the patient the instructions to be followed to prepare for the surgery, as well as the fasting time prior to the intervention, the medication to avoid taking and the guidelines for the administration of antibiotics and other medications that are of elemental importance so that everything goes as it should.

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Care after the operation

Once the intervention has been performed, the patient must maintain absolute rest for the first few days in order to promote healing. Likewise, it is essential to wear a specific girdle during the first weeks, as well as not to do any sport activity during the first two months. It is necessary to allow enough time for the tissues to settle and the scar to mature.

During the whole postoperative process, the patient will be followed up during the first year, in order to have an adequate recovery.

What results can I expect?

Women who undergo this treatment improve a lot, both in appearance and self-esteem, since their new look makes them feel much more confident in front of the mirror or other people.

It is important that the decision to have a leg lift is the patient’s own. There may be people who do not understand your decision or others who encourage you to do it, but it is important that the final decision is the patient’s own.