Short frenulum


  1. What is frenulum brevis?
  2. Prognosis of the disease
  3. Symptoms of frenulum brevis
  4. Medical tests for frenulum brevis
  5. What causes frenulum brevis?
  6. Can it be prevented?
  7. Treatments for frenulum brevis
  8. What specialist treats it?

What is frenulum brevis?

The frenulum of the penis is the fold of skin that joins the underside of the glans penis to the inner surface of the foreskin. Its function is to help contract the foreskin over the glans penis.

We speak of a short frenulum when the frenulum of the penis is so short that it restricts the movement of the foreskin, which causes discomfort during sexual activity.

Prognosis of the disease

The main problem of short frenulum is the discomfort it causes, as well as problems in sexual intercourse. In addition, it does not allow a correct hygiene of the penis and therefore increases the risk of infections.

One of the worst consequences of a short frenulum is that it can tear, causing pain and some bleeding. This is not a medical emergency, but if it becomes complicated, it requires medical treatment.

Symptoms of frenulum brevis

The main symptom is difficulty in removing the foreskin, as well as pain and tension at the root of the penis. This pain intensifies during sexual intercourse and can even tear and cause massive bleeding due to the concentration of blood in the area.

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A short frenulum makes pleasurable sexual intercourse difficult or even impossible.

Medical tests for frenulum brevis

Often the patient confuses this problem with phimosis, but it is not the same disease. It is best to consult an andrologist, who will perform a physical examination to assess the problem and the degree.

What are the causes of short frenulum?

A short frenulum is caused by a foreskin that is too narrow and/or elongated.

Can it be prevented?

It is not possible to prevent short frenulum, as it is a characteristic that occurs with the development and growth of puberty.

Treatments for short frenulum

There are different methods to treat a short frenulum depending on its severity: from the use of corticosteroid creams and manual extension exercises to elongate the frenulum, to reparative plastic surgery (fenuloplasty), removal (frenectomy) or circumcision.

Which specialist treats it?

The andrologist specialist is in charge of treating pathologies of the male sexual organs.