Endoscopic lifting

What is endoscopic lifting?

The endoscopic facelift, or endolifting, is a surgical procedure to tighten the skin using a minimally invasive technique that significantly reduces the scars of the intervention with respect to the traditional facelift. It is recommended for the treatment of defects in the upper third of the face (bags, drooping eyebrows, frown lines, crow’s feet…).

Why is it performed?

Loss of firmness and sagging of the skin are visible signs of aging that affect the expression and affect the confidence and self-esteem of many patients.

What does the procedure consist of?

In endolifting the surgeon does not make extensive cuts, as only a few small incisions (2 to 3 mm) are required through which a small video camera is inserted under the patient’s skin. Thanks to technology, the endoscopic facelift optimally corrects and smoothes the signs of aging on the face by tightening the muscles, removing excess fat and repositioning the skin without leaving scars.

Preparation before the procedure

As this is a less invasive technique, no preparation is required. In general, the specialist in Aesthetic Medicine will make a previous consultation with the patient to know his health status.

Care after endoscopic lifting

Recovery from endolifting is faster than that of a conventional facelift. Thus, the patient can return to their normal routine within a few hours of the intervention, and the scars will recover until they are almost imperceptible.