What are the advantages of NanoYag Laser

The classic treatment of periodontitis consists of scaling and root planing of the whole mouth “full mouth” or by quadrants, it is the wrongly called curettage. When we perform the periodontal treatment of scaling and root planing assisted NanoYag laser we have better clinical results, better healing, better postoperative, less postoperative pain and we manage to decontaminate the root surfaces and / or implant as it only increases the temperature 3 degrees, with high bactericidal power.

In most cases we manage to control severe periodontitis with the non-surgical laser assisted phase of periodontitis.

Can we remove or reduce dentin hypersensitivity with the use of the Nanoyag laser?

We have to differentiate dental sensitivity, which is a physiological process by which the teeth perceive cold/heat stimuli without being painful, from dentin hypersensitivity in which the teeth perceive stimuli in a pathological way that are very painful when exposed to cold, heat or acids.

With the Nanoyag laser we manage to reduce and, in most cases, eliminate dentin hypersensitivity, since the laser produces a vitrification of the enamel because it melts the enamel prisms permanently. On the contrary, other treatments lose effectiveness after a short time.

Can we treat peri-implantitis non-surgically?

Dental specialists can treat it with a non-surgical protocol assisted with Nanoyag laser, which is the only one on the market that does not heat the implant and has the capacity to decontaminate the implant surface.