Regenerative Medicine and New Therapeutic Era

It could be said that regenerative medicine is present, it is today, and we are only at the beginning of a long and promising road for these new therapies. Among them, the use of plasma rich in platelet growth factors has become a technique increasingly used in various areas of medicine.

How is platelet-rich plasma obtained?

Simply put, PRP is extracted from a sample of the patient’s own blood, which is processed to obtain the plasma fraction to be used in the particular technique. Depending on the patient’s needs, the amount and form of application is decided.

Studies have demonstrated and confirmed the enormous amount of growth factors contained in platelet granules and their capacity for protein synthesis, as well as their antimicrobial and inflammation-modulating activity, all of which favor the healing and repair of wounds and other tissue lesions.

Regenerative Medicine in Coloproctology

The team of the Institut Coloproctologic de Barcelona, formed by Dr. Yaima Guerrero and Dr. Lucia Catot, with the support of Dr. Oliva, Medical Director of the Clinica del Remei, are specialists and enthusiasts of this promising technique, which they have been applying in selected patients with good and stimulating results.

The possibilities in the field of Coloproctology are very wide: from patients with painful scars, to others with fissures and complex fistulas of difficult solution, among others.

The use of platelet-rich plasma (known as PRP) has revolutionized the so-called “Regenerative Medicine” worldwide. Physicians in general, surgeons in particular, have seen how its uses and applications have expanded, and what is better: they confirm that good results have been obtained. If we add to this the ease of obtaining the sample, its low cost, the fact that it is simple to perform and that it is a very safe treatment with the sample obtained from the patient himself, i.e., it is not a foreign element to the organism, the summary is a promising and extraordinary technique.