Presbyopia, a focusing problem

Dr. Damborenea Basterrechea, ophthalmologist at Top Doctors, will talk about presbyopia surgery.

When does presbyopia appear and what does it consist of?

It appears around 45-50 years of age and the ability to focus on objects or letters up close is gradually lost.

At what age is it convenient to have surgery?

It can be operated from the beginning, but it also depends on the previous refractive effect, that is, if glasses are used before or not. I usually recommend surgery when distance vision starts to worsen so that you can solve both problems: distance and near vision.

What is the most effective technique for presbyopia surgery?

It can be done by laser or with intraocular lens implants, I prefer surgery with intraocular lenses as it is very effective at present and the laser still has to improve a little although it is advancing a lot. With intraocular lenses, the operation with intraocular lenses is as if it were a cataract operation, even if you do not have cataracts, the crystalline lens is removed, which is what forms the cataract later. With that you get to remove the graduation of distance and near. The surgery greatly improves the quality of life, the risks are minimal, the surgery takes ten minutes and the anesthesia is with drops, which means that the patient goes home immediately, so it is a simple thing, in principle simple.

How long does it take the patient to recover from the operation?

Recovery is practically immediate, the following day you can go about your normal life, but you should not overdo it and jump headlong into the pool, but you can go about your normal life perfectly well.