Bone regeneration in Dentistry: recovering lost bone with grafts

Bone regeneration applied to Dentistry and Stomatology consists of recovering lost bone, either with the patient’s own bone (autologous), xenograft, or a mixture of both.

What does the bone regeneration procedure consist of?

The procedure consists of recognizing the bone defect, by means of a bone graft, and then choosing the most appropriate technique for each case.

In case of using autologous bone, it can be used in block or in bone chips, using a bone mesh to protect the graft. In the case of using semi-graft or a mixture of autologous bone, the graft is also protected by a mesh or membrane.

When should bone regeneration be performed and why?

Bone regeneration will be recommended in cases of esthetic defect and in cases that require matching a crown with the neighboring tooth adjacent to the dental implant.

What are the benefits of bone regeneration for the patient?

Bone regeneration allows less food to accumulate, facilitates oral hygiene and, esthetically, provides better oral harmony.

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