Pregnancy: four topics you should know

For years, pregnancy has been a topic of debate in almost every popular culture. In it, moreover, many clichés have arisen around this topic without even a scientific basis.

That is why, when a pregnant woman comes for consultation, we are faced with all kinds of questions, many of them based on these great topics that cause great doubts during this period. But, what is true in all of them?

Dr. María Eugenia Subirana Izquierdo, a specialist in Dentistry and Stomatology, reveals the truth behind four clichés about pregnancy and teeth.

“I have lost teeth during pregnancy”.

It is true that during pregnancy, in some cases, oral hygiene may be worse because of nausea and ascosis that occur in the pH of saliva, as it becomes more acidic and that can cause as a final consequence the loss of teeth, but it is not a direct cause of pregnancy. In addition, people also tend to opt for more cariogenic diets, a fact that is detrimental to oral health, since they tend to crave foods richer in sugar.

“During pregnancy I can’t do any treatment that requires anesthesia”.

Generally, it is recommended not to have to do any treatment with anesthesia involved, especially during the first or third trimester of pregnancy. But, even so, if it is for an emergency, a pregnant woman can be anesthetized. If it is done in very small doses, the fetus is usually not affected.

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“Can I have x-rays?”

In the same way as anesthesia, it is advisable to avoid an x-ray during the entire pregnancy, but if an emergency occurs where an x-ray is absolutely necessary, it can be performed. It is important that a leaded apron is used for its performance. Nowadays, X-ray machines have evolved in such a way that the radiation they produce ends up being minimal.

“My gums bleed a lot more”.

It is normal to notice that, during pregnancy, the gums bleed much more than when not pregnant. This happens because hormonal changes occur in the body during pregnancy and when progesterone reaches high levels it has a direct consequence on the inflammation and vascularization of the gums. Once delivery has occurred and all hormone levels are regularized, the gums will also return to normal and stop bleeding more than usual.

If you have any questions about teeth and pregnancy or any other type of consultation, we will be happy to help you. In addition, the first consultations are free of charge.