Innova ocular clínica Vila obtains the UNE-EN 179003 accreditation for patient safety risk management

Thanks to the accreditation received, the center can continue to identify itself as a clinic committed to quality care, respect for the environment and patient safety during medical care. Thus, it takes a step towards excellence in the service offered to patients, complying with all the requirements and guidelines established in these regulations.

Benefits for the clinic and for patients

This certification consists of the recognition of the clinic’s commitment, reflected in the Patient Safety Policy, recognized by SGS Spain. It also values the improvement of quality and patient care safety, as well as the design, implementation and management of the processes applied during care. Consultations are carried out under the premise of avoiding any risk to the patient’s health, identifying risk situations that may arise and implementing protocols to reduce and prevent them.

The center has created a culture of patient safety to make healthcare safer, identifying and assessing the risks to which patients are subjected, reducing incidents and adverse events, reducing or eliminating potential hazards due to attending the clinic and managing them proactively. With this new method, the patient has more confidence and is more interested in the context of the services provided by the center, improving the results in terms of health and effectiveness in clinical actions.

Process for obtaining accreditation

In order to obtain the accreditation, the processes associated with the center’s health care were evaluated, from the moment of appointment and reception of the patient, to the performance of tests, examination and medical diagnosis. Surgical interventions were also taken into account, assessing the patient’s associated risk and communication factors, training, equipment and resources, and the work environment.

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It is worth highlighting the surgical intervention process, since it is the most sensitive with respect to the damage to the patient’s health. To this end, the clinic has defined an action program that reduces and eliminates the risk of adverse events and which is embodied in protocols.

Looking to the future

Having the UNE-EN 179003 implies commitments to patients and workers at the center, as well as to society. With patients, the commitment is based on guaranteeing their safety, continuously reviewing possible risks and preventing their occurrence. With the clinic’s staff, there is a commitment to ongoing education and training, ensuring that they will be able to deal with any adverse event associated with the identified risks with guarantees. In reference to society, the commitment is materialized in the dissemination of information to prevent and minimize the risks of the patient during his visit to the ophthalmologist.