World No Tobacco Day

Smoking is a habit that was born more than 500 years ago and although society has evolved, it is still the main cause of preventable death in the world and more than 5 million people die from it every year. As Dr. Javier Galiana, a specialist in smoking and member of Top Doctors, explains: “Smoking … Read more

Smoking Causes Blindness

The Institut de la M├ácula i de la Retina, a Top Doctors center of excellence based at the Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, recently carried out the campaign “Smoking leaves you in the dark” with the aim of showing the population the problems that smoking causes to health, specifically to vision. The campaign was part … Read more

‘Tobacco causes 6 million deaths each year’

Tobacco causes nearly 6 million deaths each year, 600,000 of which are passive smoking. In order to prevent current and future generations from tobacco-related diseases and its social, environmental and economic repercussions, the WHO established May 31 as World No Tobacco Day. In this purpose, from Top Doctors we wanted to count on the opinion … Read more