Don’t get sunburned initiative kicks off

On May 9, the project launched by Clínica Dermatológica Internacional to prevent skin cancer in adults was launched at the Colegio La Salle Maravillas. This is a pioneering initiative in which this school has become the first in Spain to have dispensers and free photoprotectors for children, in addition to offering an educational program aimed … Read more

World Skin Cancer Day

Skin cancer is on the rise across Europe. It is now a major public health concern. One in three cancers diagnosed is skin cancer. In fact, there are between 2 and 3 million cases of skin cancer worldwide each year. Several epidemiological studies establish the relationship between the incidence of malignant melanoma and burns, especially … Read more

Facts and Figures on Cancer in Spain

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. It is due to the abnormal behavior of cancer cells, which divide without interruption and cause tumors in any part of the body, even spreading to other tissues and organs. Scientific and medical research is focused on finding more effective and less aggressive … Read more

World No Tobacco Day

Smoking is a habit that was born more than 500 years ago and although society has evolved, it is still the main cause of preventable death in the world and more than 5 million people die from it every year. As Dr. Javier Galiana, a specialist in smoking and member of Top Doctors, explains: “Smoking … Read more

Early detection of cancer through the Onco Full Body, an early diagnosis of the pathology increases survival rates

A child born in 2027 will have a 50% chance of developing cancer in his or her lifetime, according to a study published by Cancer Research UK. In other words, it is likely that 50 out of every 100 men will at some point hear their doctor say “he has cancer.” This proportion will also … Read more

Foods to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Today is World Day against Prostate Cancer. It is one of the diseases that most concerns men and according to data from the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU), it is the most common tumor among the male population in our country, where 22,000 new cases are detected each year. Although, in general, it can be … Read more

People with Alzheimer’s disease have a lower risk of cancer

The relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and cancer has been studied on several occasions, now Neurology has published the largest study on the subject and seems to confirm that people with Alzheimer’s disease have a lower risk of developing cancer. In addition, the study also shows that cancer patients have a lower chance of suffering from … Read more

Preventing skin cancer is in your hands

On the European Day for the prevention of skin cancer, we talked to two leading dermatologists, Dr. Urbà González and Dr. Pizarro Redondo, to learn about the most important aspects of this disease, especially those related to its prevention. It is necessary to know that moderate sun exposure without sunburn can be beneficial for our … Read more

IMOncology Foundation organizes a Course on Colon and Rectal Cancer

The next 6th and 7th of October will take place in Madrid the Colon and Rectal Cancer Course organized by IMOncology Foundation. The training, focused on the current situation of the disease and future avenues in its diagnostic-therapeutic management, is aimed at all professionals working with colorectal cancer patients (specialists in Digestive Surgery, Medical Oncology, … Read more

European Lung Cancer Week

What is lung cancer Dr. Jaime Pujadas Olano, specialist in Medical Oncology in Barcelona, defines lung cancer as the abnormal increase of cells in lung tissue, specifically in the lower respiratory tract at the level of the bronchi. It states that it is the first in terms of mortality, causing one million deaths per year … Read more