Radiofrequency Denervation

What is radiofrequency denervation? Radiofrequency denervation, also known as rhizolysis or rhizotomy, consists mainly of a process that is recommended by the units in charge of pain treatment to achieve medium and, especially, long-term improvement in lumbar, cervical or dorsal pain, i.e. low back pain, cervical pain and/or dorsalgia. Radiofrequency denervation is presented as an … Read more

The unparalleled satisfaction of breastfeeding

What are the advantages of breastfeeding? First of all, we all know the importance of breastfeeding, but if we want to go deeper into its benefits, we should talk about the advantages it offers to the baby. On the one hand, and perhaps most importantly, we must highlight its high nutritional value that allows them … Read more

Perfusion pump

What is an infusion pump? Intravenous infusion pump is a device for the administration of drugs or medical products for the treatment of elevated blood pressure. By using these perfusion pumps, the drug is introduced through an active propulsion mechanism. The use of this system allows the administration of highly viscous drugs through small catheters … Read more

What exactly does the term breastfeeding on demand

Generally speaking, the term demand feeding means adapting to the baby’s needs and breastfeeding whenever he/she asks for it. With demand feeding, the first few days the baby often does not suckle very much. This is often the case because the baby’s sucking strength is low at the beginning and it is a great effort … Read more


What is rheumatism? Prognosis of rheumatism Symptoms of rheumatism Medical tests for rheumatism What causes rheumatism? Can rheumatism be prevented? Treatment for rheumatism What specialist treats rheumatism? What is rheumatism? Before starting to define this problem, it should be noted that, as such, the concept of rheumatism does not exist, as it does not appear … Read more

How does anemia affect menstruation

Dr. Jesús Alcaraz Rubio is a hematologist in Murcia, and a physician in the area of Hematology and Hemotherapy in several hospitals and medical centers. Dr. Alcaraz is an expert in platelet disorders, anemia, coagulation disorders, Hodgkin’s disease and growth factors. The effects begin with a small premenstrual syndrome, that is, a variety of reactions … Read more

Denervation with botulinum toxin

What is botulinum toxin denervation? Botulinum toxin denervation is commonly known as Botox treatment. Botulinum toxin treatment is used to give the face a more rejuvenated appearance. As time goes by, wrinkles appear and become a real concern for many people. The brand name for botulinum toxin is Botox. A biological medicine to be injected … Read more

Hodgkin’s Disease Treatment Options

Current treatment plans for Hodgkin’s lymphoma use new types and doses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy aimed at smaller areas of the body. Most people with classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma, even stage I or II, often receive chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy to the affected lymph node areas. For stage III or IV disease, chemotherapy is … Read more