Sessions for learning to live better

“Because all beings want to be happy and no one wants to suffer. Happiness depends on you”

Marina Bassas, Psychologist, homeopathy teacher and member of Top Doctors, offers a workshop for 4/5 people of 8 sessions of an hour and a half duration with the aim of learning to live better within ourselves. The workshop will be held in her new office, in Diagonal 640 (Caja Madrid Building), on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, with schedule to be determined, and with a price of 286 euros.

Workshop sessions.

Understanding my brain; The understanding of the most powerful machinery of our organism, the brain. From the brain is born slavery, from it is born freedom. In it we have the potential to behave like gods or like animals. We can train the brain and choose to.

● Detect automatic thoughts; Do I think for me or am I thought? Our thoughts powerfully condition our lives. Learning to discern what goes with you predisposes you to live freely and fully.

Meditation on the breath; Breathing as our home. Train being in ourselves as a fundamental way to conquer inner peace.

● Meditation in action; Training in focusing attention on daily activities.

Panoramic vision of my current reality; Analysis of the different areas of my life, what I want to enhance and how. How can I help myself?

● Self-esteem; As human beings we have a series of rights and responsibilities that few are aware of. Analyzing the list and becoming aware of what points we need to work on, is one more step to adjust our self-esteem.

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● Conflict resolution; Working with real cases (participation is never mandatory), on how to handle fears and daily conflicts.

● Kindness and compassion in action; If I lose sight of the fact that the other is also me I am moving away from the possibility of opening my heart to the fullest and living fully.