PicoWay, the latest laser technology to remove tattoos

Many are those who, over the years, regret the tattoos drawn on their skin. Now the Tufet Clinic (Barcelona) offers an innovative and pioneering system in Spain, with the latest American technology, for the removal of tattoos in picosecond emission.

The Clinic of Dr. Jaume Tufet, member of Top Doctors and Medical Director of the Tufet Clinic, has incorporated the PicoWay laser to its laser platform, specialized in tattoo removal. Thus, the Clinic becomes the only center specialized in aesthetic medicine in Spain capable of performing any personalized treatment with the best laser platform of the moment.

What does this technique consist of?

PicoWay’s new technology works using picoseconds, i.e., an emission of one billionth of a second and with a pulse width of less than a nanosecond. PicoWay delivers ultra-short pulses of energy in picoseconds, blasting tattoo ink and pigmentation into smaller, more easily removed particles. This laser is the only picosecond system with MOPA Technology, which enables the generation of shorter pulse duration in emission time with higher energy (picoseconds). With a higher peak power and shorter pulse duration, the best results are obtained in terms of lightening pigmented lesions in all skin types.

The advantages of this treatment are multiple, since it is painless, requires fewer sessions than conventional treatments and tolerates all skin types.

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