Dr. Constantino Colmenero receives the Annual Award for the best Clinical Case of 2017 from the COEM

The Official College of Dentists and Stomatologists of Madrid (COEM) awards the work of Dr. Constantino Colmenero on the modified double flap surgical technique, published in the journal Científica Dental published by the same college.

This work shows eight clinical cases in which the bone of the mandibular area has been reconstructed to make possible a subsequent placement of dental implants. In all cases a modification has been performed using the Double Flap Incision Technique.

This technique requires a complete primary closure to ensure bone regeneration, which is the case with the double flap technique. In this sense, the technique applied by Dr. Constantino Colmenero has proven to be more effective than many others. Thus, certain changes have been introduced in the design of the incisions and the flaps.

The doctor’s work shows the successful evolution of these cases, highlighting the advantages over traditional procedures. The double flap surgical technique involves more mobilization of epithelial and connective tissue, avoiding problems of dehiscence or scarring problems. The technique also aids vascularization of the bone graft and flap, which occurs more quickly and safely than with other techniques.

The use of this technique in patients with bone deficit in the mandibular area allows dental implants to be placed with a correct arrangement, resulting in a functional and esthetic improvement.

The award will be presented on February 10 at the COEM headquarters, during the celebration of the feast of St. Apologia, patron saint of dentists.