How to correct the gap between teeth

Diastema is the gap between the teeth that many youngsters and adults show, especially between the two incisor teeth. Many see this physical feature as something characteristic and show it off with pride, but for others it is an aesthetic complex that they want to remedy. The specialists at Clínica Ciro explain how to correct it.

What causes diastema

The gap between teeth is common in children with baby teeth, something that usually disappears with growth and when the permanent teeth come in. This gap is usually caused by a mismatch between the size of the upper jaw and the teeth, since if these are smaller than the upper jaw, the gap between the teeth will appear.

Another common cause of diastema is the size of the frenulum that joins the upper lip to the gum. If it is too big, it will occupy the space between the teeth, causing the gap to appear.

How to correct diastema

Diastemas can be corrected by different treatments:

  • Orthodontics: traditional brackets and Invisalign invisible orthodontics can solve this problem, since the movement of the teeth aligns them until the gap is closed.
  • Porcelain or composite veneers: these thin sheets are placed on the tooth and allow the correction of morphological alterations or shape. This is achieved painlessly and quickly, making it one of the best options for dental esthetic problems.

If the diastema problem is caused by the size of the frenulum, it will be necessary to undergo a frenectomy, an oral surgical treatment. This operation is very simple and does not involve any risk for the patient, but it should be complemented with orthodontic treatment.