Top Doctors for Childhood Vaccination in the Third World

The company led by Alberto Porciani becomes a 2018 Silver Sponsor following its contribution to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, which seeks to reduce infant mortality and increase access to vaccines in developing countries.

Top Doctors’ goal is to help patients find the best medical specialist for each case. Unfortunately, there are countries where a doctor or medicines are simply unattainable. Top Doctors has become a 2018 Silver Sponsor, making a contribution to the Business Alliance for Childhood Vaccination. An initiative of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and in which La Fundación Bancaria “la Caixa” and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation participate.

The objective of this campaign is to reduce the high infant mortality rate by increasing access to immunization in the world’s poorest countries. This will help to protect the health of people in developing countries and improve the sustainability of national immunization programs.

In fact, despite the great advances and efforts made in recent years, more than six million children under five years of age -three children per minute- die every year from diseases that could have been prevented through the administration of vaccines.

With this initiative, Top Doctors joins a project in force since 2000, in which more than 25 million euros have been invested and by 2020 aims to immunize 300 million people, which would prevent between five and six million premature deaths.