Fertility enhancement in men and women

Learn how to improve fertility in men and women with a few simple steps thanks to the gynecologist of the Ginefiv center of medical excellence and member of Top Doctors, Dr. Daurelio.

What can couples do to improve their fertility?

Couples can improve their lifestyle. We can improve our diet, enrich our diet with antioxidants, vitamins, fruits and vegetables, reduce stress at work, have slower rhythms, try to control our body weight, try to bring our body mass index as close as possible to the ideal so that a correct sperm and oocyte functionality can develop at the oocyte and testicular level, and avoid habits that may seem normal, such as working with a computer on your legs all day long, which in recent studies has been shown to significantly worsen spermatogenesis, due to an increase in testicular temperature.

Does smoking really have an influence on fertility?

Tobacco is very important; it is a very important risk factor for infertility. We make patients aware every day to stop smoking, patients as well as husbands, because smoking can reduce spermatogenesis, it can reduce sperm count, concentration, motility and also increase sperm DNA fragmentation. It is a fragmentation of the DNA that is inside the head of the spermatozoa and what it does is, in these spermatozoa, it makes them fertilize very poorly and can also increase the rate of miscarriage. Women who are also smokers are the ones who will need more doses of medication during an in vitro fertilization cycle and the patients who recover fewer oocytes, the patients who are going to have an earlier menopause than normal patients who do not smoke, by one to four years. As we know, oocyte loss is an irreversible process, so it is very important to try to stop smoking.

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Is it good to increase vitamin intake?

It is good to increase them. It has been found that there are vitamins that can improve the level of female and male fertility. For example, evening primrose pearls, which many women when they come to the first consultation ask us if it can improve, especially chronic anovulation problems. Andean Maca is also very good for women. It seems to increase vaginal lubrication and may have positive effects on oocyte development and fertility in general. Macandin is mainly used for men. It is a natural root that seems to improve sperm concentration and motility. Vitamins and antioxidants in general can certainly improve reproductive processes, spermatogenesis and oocyte processes, and vitamin D. Vitamin D has been given a lot of importance lately and it has been proven that it is more important, especially at the endometrial level, than at the oocyte level.