European Prostate Health Day: importance of seeing a urologist for early diagnosis

Today, September 15, and on the occasion of the European Prostate Health Day, we have the collaboration of Dr. Bernardino Miñana, member of Top Doctors, director and founder of the Corporación Urológica del Mediterráneo and head of the Urology Service of the Hospital Morales Meseguer and physician of the Hospital Mesa del Castillo, in Murcia.

Throughout their lives, men should go to the urologist without any modesty, as this will prevent possible future urological pathologies or diseases. In this sense, men can go to the urologist’s office either because they present symptoms or signs of urological pathology or with the intention of having a check-up for the early detection of specific problems, especially prostate cancer. Dr. Miñana states that if there is no direct history of prostate cancer in the family, it is recommended to consult a urologist after the age of 50. On the other hand, if there is a history of prostate cancer, especially if it was diagnosed before the age of 65, it should be consulted from the age of 45 onwards.

It is important for men to visit their urologist regularly, as they are at risk of developing prostate cancer throughout their lives. Dr. Miñana assures us: “this risk is proportional to age, although there are exceptions. In fact, 15% of prostate cancer cases are detected in those under 65 years of age”. Prostate cancer is a disease that cannot be prevented because its causes are unknown, so that is why periodic check-ups are so important, since a simple analysis to determine the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) and a rectal examination allow an early diagnosis, making a cure possible.

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The disease from which patients can benefit most from early consultation with a urologist is prostate cancer, since it is diagnosed before symptoms appear. “Today we diagnose 90% of men in potentially curable stages, thanks to increasing awareness,” acknowledges Dr. Miñana.

However, Dr. Miñana stresses that the urologist is not exclusively a specialist in men’s health problems. This means that they also see traditionally female problems, such as urinary incontinence, genital prolapse or urinary tract infections, so these patients can also benefit from early diagnosis and treatment.

On European Prostate Health Day, it is important to emphasize the importance of seeing a urologist, without any qualms on the part of men. “A late diagnosis of prostate cancer due to carelessness and failure to consult in time should be unacceptable. Early detection tests cause little discomfort and allow an early diagnosis”. This early diagnosis makes it possible to: – Increase the probability of cure – Select among different effective treatments, according to the patient’s values and preferences and that, in some cases, he will not even need treatment Today, depending on family history and the PSA value, Dr. Miñana assures us that, at the age of 40, urology experts are already able to classify men into groups of high or low risk of suffering cancer, adapting the follow-up programs.

Dr. Miñana is hopeful about the awareness of the male population regarding prostate health: “The population is becoming more and more aware and this is shown by the fact that we are increasingly detecting tumors in more curable stages. In addition, mortality from prostate cancer is decreasing thanks to early diagnosis programs”.